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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hi all you JW folks

Some of you may know this and some may not.. I have relocated to Washington State. Yep, it's truly an advenure. The last real update I had on here was that John and I split up. I'm sure some of you were happy to hear that since he was worldly and all. If you were happy to hear that, you'll be even happier to hear that I met a nice JW boy and got married. Hard to believe, I know. but I did. And I am ever so very happy.
He's a year and one month older than me and we met on myspace (which means you will never be able to prove to me the "evils" of myspace since I found my soulmate on it). We're both sci-fi geeks, have the same insane sense of humor, love Jehovah, want a whole tribe of kids, and are pretty well-balanced about life in general.
Oh yea, he's disfellowshipped too. He joined the USMC four years ago (went to Iraq three times) but he's out now and we're back in his home town in WA to get reinstated. His dad is an Elder out here.
it's been quite an adventure so far. but he's got a job, I'm working on one, we found an apartment, and we've got half my pets and half our stuff out here. the rest of the pets are with my parents and my stuff is in storage.
We had a sheparding call already and we make it to most of the meetings. We've been told there's no reason we shouldn't both be reinstated in about six months or so. Hopefully we'll be back to Mass for a visit after that happens so that my old friends can meet my husband.
I guess that's really all I've got for now. Off to write some "deep" and "thoughtful" stuff on livejournal. later! :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

California Trip

I recently took a business trip to Santa Clara, CA. Here's my write-up of it.
(oh yea, a little clue - Seth is a friend of mine that I met on myspace. He lives out in Cali and was meeting me out there.)

Sunday morning, 4:15 a.m.
I slept over a friend's. If you can call it sleeping. I had a bit too much to drink Saturday night. One of those "hm, I'm pretty sure those bruises are from drunken karate pratice with Joe, but they could just as easily have been self inflicted" sort of nights. Did I mention I was very nervous about flying? So you'll have to excuse the alcoholism. Yes, you will! Okay then...

I meant to wake up at about 4 and be out of there and showered and stuff by 4:20/4:30. I woke up at 4:15, as stated above. I had enough time to take a quick shower and then ran out the door with my bags and got in my car to drive to my coworker's house.

I had directions but of course that means nothing. I got lost of course. So even though I had been running late and was actually going to make it on time, I was then about 15 minutes late thanks to that. By the time I got there our town car was waiting. We loaded up my stuff, gave my keys to the girl's husband, and got on our way. The limo driver had no clue. He took us all over the place to get to the airport and drove super slow while doing it. I was already crazy nervous as it was without dealing with being late.

We got to T.F. Greene and I had just enough time to pop a couple xanax before we got on the flight. We found out when we got there that the one stop we thought we had was actually two stops. Providence to Phoenix (where we would not get off the plane) and then on to LA (where we would switch planes) and on to San Jose. Super. But thank goodness, no turbulance. The flight was uneventful. I texted Seth and Sarah a couple times and then suddenly we were there, in California. And boy, was it beautiful.

It was kind of funny because at first L and I were disappointed. I guess we were expecting the aiport to look different or something. "Same freaks, different coast." We took a shuttle to the rental car place, which was thoroughly confusing. We got our car and drove to the hotel and only got a little lost.

The Mariott was beautiful in the lobby. I wish I had taken pictures but I didn't want to look like a huge tourist. By the time we got there I just wanted to get to my room so badly. Plus my cell battery had died as we got off the plane so I had no idea if Seth was waiting for us at the hotel or what was going on with that.

The three of us went up to our rooms and I started unpacking. Seth called and said he was lost but would be there soon. I was kind of thankful for the moment to collect myself anyway. After traveling on a plane all day, something I hate to do, I wanted to be able to relax for a sec. T came over after settling into her room and chatted with me for a minute and then my room phone rang and it was Seth wanting my room number. So I told T that we would stop by to say hi to her and L later.

I was nervous answering the door obviously but you know, after all the conversations we've had on the phone, it was very comfortable right off the bat. We chatted for a second and then went over to say hi to my two coworkers. We talked with them for a few minutes. they were all freaked out about me meeting him so they were glad to see that thus far he seemed normal. We agreed to meet them down in the bar/lounge for drinks later.

Then he and I finally got to chat in person for a while and it was lovely. We have a lot in common. I forgot how nice it was to talk to someone with the same religious beliefs who's been through the same things I have... Very nice. We joined the other two downstairs and had appetizers and drinks. I was tired anyway and drinking makes me more so. By the time Seth left at . . .10ish I was ready to crash. I had such a great first half day there though thanks to meeting up with him.

for the rest of the week me, T and L and were inseperable and it was kind of cool. I had such a great time with them. On Monday we went to all day training and then T looked up directions to The Cheesecake Factory and a local mall. There was a lone girl in our class from Philly who also works for our company. So we adopted her for the week and she came out to dinner with us that night. She loves cheesecake factory. :) Then we walked around the mall a bit. I bought a San Francisco Giants sweatshirt and softball for Sadie. And we all got some clothes while we were there. I said as long as they had a Hot Topic I'd be happy and they did. Yay.

usually I don't post pics directly on here but there are links to buzznet and such so it's not like you can't see pictures of the girls I work with. Here they are at dinner. Awww.

Then of course drinks in the bar that night... Ah, the waiter knew us well.

Tuesday was another day of training and that night we went out to Pier 39 to do some touristy stuff. We had dinner at the Sea Lion Cafe.
Souveniers are so cheap there. I was shocked. When you shop up in Maine or in the Boston area or something, things are so expensive. It's like, "here, we put 'maine' on it for you. That'll be forty dollars." But in SF you could buy an entire wardrobe. Sheesh. So I managed to get gifts for a few people.

The coworker from Philedelphia had to go home Wednesday morning so we said goodbye to her when we got back from SF. Oh, and can I just say - the streets of San Francisco? HORRIBLE. TERRIFYING. Oh....my....god.... We thought the car was going to tip backwards. Anyway....

Wednesday we met with some licensing people to go over a bit of extra training. We were out after half a day though and then we went sailing with some fellow coworkers who were friends of T's. It was such a great time. I even got to steer for a bit. Very exciting. L and I got to chat up at the front for a bit because I was really dizzy for a little bit.

We were out sailing for quite a while and then we all went out to dinner at The Fish Market. It was pretty good. The chowder was a let down, but the appetizers were very yummy. I got sun burned during the day. Ouch.

I went back to my room and packed for the flight home the next morning. It was supposed to be direct but once again we stopped in Phoenix. Whatever. We got home eventually and I was out like a light in the car on the way to L's house. Then I picked up my car there and drove home.

I stayed up way too late cuz I was still on Cali time and then I went to work the next day where it was weird to say goodbye to my coworkers for the weekend and know I wasn't going to see them at all.

The weekend was fairly uneventful except for my cousin's graduation party from college. So proud of him. Here he is with his sister.

And here's a pic my mom took of me and Kara:

And that was my weekend. Now I'm waiting for the week to be over since I'm picking Seth up at the airport on Saturday morning. yea, kind of an unexpected surprise. I'm psyched. We're going to try to hang out with everyone in Worcester on Saturday night. Should be a good time. so if any of you want to come out to Ralph's Diner and stare from afar (those of you who can't talk to me), feel free. lol.

Well, I think that's plenty for now. Back to my insane cleaning of the apartment. Fun stuff. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meeting Update

Look for me at Sunday meetings pretty soon. I've got a business trip coming up but after that I'm easing my way back in.

Monday, May 08, 2006

United 93

First reaction? Wow. Just wow.

I went to see this alone tonight. I didn't think many people would want to go with me and since a couple were busy anyway I thought maybe I could soak it up better by myself.

The eeriness comes from the fact that everything for the first hour or so is so normal. Life just goes on like it would on any other morning. They used actual footage of the second plane hitting the WTC. That was a big moment. And the filmmakers gave you just enough time to tear up a bit before starting up the action again. Literally everyone on screen just stood there not knowing what to do.

The most frustrating part had to be the military trying to get permission to take down the planes. They had to get it from the President who was no where to be found. I'm so glad I watched Fahrenheit 9/11. The result was that a plane hit the Pentagon when it could have been shot down first. Not that either choice was savory.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone so be warned that there is a slight spoiler ahead...

The ending shot is amazing. Just as the passengers break through the cockpit you see what they would have seen as the plane crashed. The screen goes black just as the nose of the plane hit the ground. It was intense to say the least. The whole theater was silent.

Sum up - I'm glad I saw it but wouldn't pay another $9.25 to see it again. And I'm reallly glad I saw it by myself. I've never seen any movie by myself and this was a great one to start with. I got to sit there in silence with my own thoughts. Just what I needed.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Put on a happy face

"Have you ever been committed?"
"No, but could we try that next?"

I went to Riverside outpatient counseling today. After making a trip to the ER last week for drugs so I could sleep, my doctor told me to make an appointment there. I wasn't even sure what it was walking into it this morning, but I guess it's like this emergency crisis short term center with psychiatrists and therapists and all that good stuff.

I chatted with a woman there for about an hour about all sorts of uncomfortable stuff. lol. I get to see who I will now call "the pill doctor" next thursday and I see Megan (the woman I talked to today) next Friday. Joy.... my life is going to be filled with doctors appointments again. But at least it'll be filled with drugs too. :)

Pixel, Amelie and Gunther are loving life in the country. So am I. Pixel now runs around in the yard without her leash. I still stay out there with her and call her back when she wanders too close to the fence, but she's doing well. she plays with Molly and Kumba out there and it's great. pretty soon she'll be snuggling up with them on their dog bed.

Amelie rules the upstairs now. She walks out on the beams and she has free run of the few bedrooms and bathroom up there. She even has a pretty pink collar in case she does accidentally get out of the house. But both Mom and Dad have assured me that won't happen.

Last night I had a lot of fun. I hung out with my friend Eric from high school. We went to Applebees for dinner and we also went to walmart to get soccer balls. I'd say "don't ask" but that's probably too random. He's going on a class trip with his little brother to Equador of all places so he's bringing stuff like that with him. But anyway, it was fun to hang out again. I missed hanging out with all these people from high school. It's good therapy. :)

Stones in the Road

Wow, nothing makes you feel 16 again like moving back in with your parents and staying in your old high school bedroom. It's quite an experience. John and I split up so I'm here for the time being. I've got Pixel and Amelie and Gunther with me and I have to pick up the lovebirds this week.

I missed last week of work due to being sick at the beginning and then the move and stuff. I couldn't sleep very well. Let me tell ya though - ambien, xanax, and paxil all together work wonders. That'll knock you right out.

Pixel is already bossing around my parents' dogs Kumba and Molly. she bit Molly's nose yesterday. Brat. And Amelie has decided that the upstairs of the house is hers.

As weird as it is to be back home, I think it will be good in the long run. I'm going to take like a year to regroup. We'll see how much of that time it takes me to get reinstated and such. Who knows. In the meantime, I now have an hour drive to work, $10,000 of debt to take care of somehow, a whole ton of animals to incorporate into a new household, and the cleaning out of an entire household here so that I won't have boxes and boxes of my and my parents' stuff in my new bedroom here. it's going to be chaotic for a while. I"ll let you all know when I'm back in the land of the living. for now, wish me luck that I don't get fired at work tomorrow over all the drama. I really really need that job. Welcome back to hicksville USA.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is Funny Sometimes

I got my hair done today. First time in months and months. Kimmy was so pleased with me that I hadn't totally killed my hair this time and buried it under mounds of box coloring. I was there for three hours. She cut it (it was all dead at the ends) and she also put a lot of blonde highlights into it. Yay, my hair is all stripey now. I totally love it. It's easily the happiest I've been with my hair in a long long time.

Kimmy's an aunt. Her fiancee's sister had her second kid last night. And one of the ladies at the salon was pregnant and left early for an appointment related to that. It's funny how circular life is. I look at people like them and also my friend Dawn and think "I feel really far behind. I can't wait to have kids." Someday someone probably the age I am now will be looking at me and thinking that. Hopefully. Who knows really...

Blast from the past - I was sitting there with my hair over my face cuz Kimmy was foiling it all up. Imagine my surprise when I peeked out between chunks of hair and saw Simon walk in. He's a guy from my old Kingdom Hall and he married the girl who was the maid of honor in my first wedding, Jessica N. He sat at the station behind me for one of the other girls to cut his hair.

I kind of sat in my chair and smirked because, having the benefit of being able to see things from a df'd person's perspective, I would now have no problem smiling at someone and saying hello as I pass them. But most people have no clue as to what to do and just generally avoid your gaze. Kimmy thought it was all very weird. She was like, do you need me to hide you? LOL. She was kidding of course. Anyway, it was just odd. And then when he left I could see him out the window as he walked to his work van and Jess B's husband Matt was waiting for him out there. Jess B is Jess N's step sister so it's kind of cool that their husbands work together I guess.

It was just funny is all. Made me chuckle. Too bad I couldn't have gone to their meeting tonight or something, but I've got my own to go to and also they only have the book study tonight. I already went to mine on Thursday and I'd only see like a 7th of the congregation if I went to Southbridge tonight. Ah well. Maybe when my mom is done with her masters classes in Cambridge I will go out to their Sunday meeting and "visit" such as it is. I can't really talk to anyone so it's not much of a visit. More of a staring visit. haha.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out Ten Minutes Early

I went to the bookstudy last night. We finished up chapter 17 of Daniel so now we just have one more chapter left before we move on to the next book. I'm looking forward to that one. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it looks good.

The meeting was conducted by Brother G last night. Brother B must have had the night off for some reason. The brother who was reading had just been to Patterson this past weekend so he was all pumped up and high on that. It was kind of funny.

When I was walking in there was a girl who had parked next to me who was kind of trailing behind me a bit. I was going to hold the door for her but she was just far enough behind that it would have been awkward. You know how that is. So I went in and sat down. She walked in a second later and sat with Sister K. She had on jeans and a sweatshirt and sneakers. Clearly a study.

I watched her occasionally during the meeting. At the beginning she was introduced to a few people and given the five second tour of the Kingdom Hall. Obviously she wasn't introduced to me and I couldn't help wondering if she found that odd at all. I was sitting right behind them and she looked to be about my age. Made me kind of sad I was disfellowshipped. I could have made a new friend. lol.

We finished ten minutes early and the brother who was reading was like, "No one can leave for ten minutes." joking around. Of course I had to leave so I felt kind of stupid walking out. But you know what? As I walked out of the back door to the Hall I looked to the side of the building and sitting there was a cute little brown bunny. We stood there looking at each for a second and then I must have made a noise with my foot or something because he took off running across the parking lot. It totally made my night though, that I walked out at just the right time to see the cute bunny. :)

Then I went home and told John all about it and showed him pictures of crosses on our Watchtower magazines (found on page 303 or something) and we talked about that and then we went to bed and read Star Wars. Only two more chapters and we're done with the Thrawn trilogy.

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